Taking Note of Humanity

Brainformation Forums

were created for the purpose of promoting a greater understanding of people and their cultures through a free and open exchange of ideas. We hoped to accomplish our goals in a virtual gathering place where our members may interact both in casual chat and formal discussion. For the most part we have successfully accomplished that mission.

To quote Bob Dylan, "The Times They Are A-Changin." For us that means over the past 19 years social media giants have replaced the familiar bulletin board venue offered herein. We kept chugging along because I had a personal interest in the people who remained with us. Sadly the last one of them attained the rank of Guardian Angel and has completed his mission with us.

Going forward this website will more or less serve as an archive to document our final days of presence on the Internet. A secondary purpose might simply be to interact with me, Yogi. I realize that now our appeal may only be to a limited group of fans in our our Facebook Group, and only for a limited amount of time. However, our lease on the domain name is already paid for up to November, 2024. Thus there is no compelling reason to dismantle Brainformation before then.

Our current mission is focused on the historical nature of Brainformation's Archives. I will continue to monitor this site daily and reply to any comments registered visitors care to post. New members are always welcome. Those old timers who might be tired of giant social media platforms have an alternative here offering a refuge from ads and personal information harvesting. Should the interest be there, we could reincarnate into a special interest group and be, you know, like Seinfeld. All about Nothing.


A complete history of Brainformation Forums can be viewed in the archive breadcrumbs above.

This website is presented solely for the entertainment and enlightment of our readers. Any use for commercial puorposes is strictly prohibited.

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